Preserve Your Oral Health with  Custom-made Crown and Bridge

Dental Crowns & Dental Bridges in La Jolla

If you are missing a tooth because of decay, disease or an injury, Dr. Sabourin can help you preserve your oral health with a custom-made Crown and Bridge.

What Is a Crown and Bridge?

This restorative option, also known as a Crown and Bridge, is made of a custom prosthetic and two abutment crowns. These abutment crowns will be placed over the healthy teeth around your gap, with your prosthetic in the middle replacing the tooth you lost.

Once your prosthetic is in place, you can look forward to improved chewing ability and improved articulation. Furthermore, your Crown and Bridge will also prevent your remaining teeth from moving out of their correct position. Your Crown and Bridge may even improve the internal structure of your face, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Two Options for a Healthier Smile

Dr. Sabourin offers two Crown and Bridge options for patients in need of restorative care. The first is a traditional Crown and Bridge. The second is supported by Dental Implants. With Dental Implants, you will enjoy more stable and natural results because of the way the Implants mimic the natural structure of teeth.

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$49 New Patient Exam and Consultation

Dr. Sabourin showing patient image on screenYour first step in better oral health, a more attractive smile or teeth that function properly, is to come in for an exam and consultation. Dr. Sabourin will sit down with you to discuss your smile goals and find create the correct treatment plan for you.

A New Patient Exam and Consultation includes:

Usual Value $374!

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